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as a well-known liberal bias. >> joy: mitt why would you suddenly care about reality now? ♪ >> jennifer: so republicans don't have the economy to kick around anymore, well at least not the economy that actually exists. yesterday's jobless claims that the country has fully recovered and created even more. the president's overall jobs record is now net positive. therefore take away one of the republicans favorite talking points. well so what do they do? they start flailing wildly saying it can't possibly be
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true. and start talk about ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan at this point in his president, 8% growth -- >> we're not debating ronald reagan -- >> he hasn't fixed it and now we see economic growth -- we're heading towards a recession. >> jennifer: we're heading towards a recession. consumer confidence is at a seven-month high, the s&p 500 is up nearly 15% year to date. but this is what fox news does when the facts don't confirm with their version of reality, they call the data skewed. >> it's very strange that big unemployment number seems to be skewed. the department may be becoming a bit partisan. i state on air, and the left
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goes absolutely bonkers and call me a conspiracy theorist. >> jennifer: maybe that's because you are. if fox news hosts don't like reality, they just make up their own version of events. >> the romney campaign has sent a lot of time asking a question from 1980. are you better off than four years ago, when any damn fool knows that in 2008 this country was in crisis. why would you pick that year as your fourth-year comparison. >> jennifer: i love it. really? lou dobbs campaigning that the
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it is just a fool. but it's the polls too which now show that the president has significant leads nationwide and in the key swing states repeatedly. but to republicans that reality simply doesn't add up so they did what they do on all scientific issues they found a, quote, scientist who's numbers conform with their preexisting totally inaccurate beliefs. somebody who would put their conclusions before the data. so dean chambers runs a site called unskewed polls, and that sight specializes in the long-lost art of skewing. his polls show that romney is actually ahead. how does he do it? he discounts the factors that
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legitimate pollsters take into account, sample size and cell phone bias and then reweights the polls so they have the same proportion of republicans and democrats exactly. even though in the real world there are more democrats than republicans and that's how you get an accurate poll. now chambers told buzzfeed that he created the site after seeing a poll that he just thought didn't look right. and then according to the calculations none of the other polls out there were right either. why? because of that liberal media bias of course. this is what he said . . . >> jennifer: any poll. that sounds scientific reasoning. remember einstein's e-equals 911
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was an inside job. but now republican voters are buying into that reality. a romney supporter ecoed that same nonsense. >> jennifer: he is going to carry virginia in a landslide. okay. not everybody right-winger is on board with that crazy train. chris wallace became the unlikely voice of reason today on mike gallagher's conservative talk radio show. >> i think romney -- i don't know that it is any great headline is in trouble. >> where do you get that from? what do you mean romney is in trouble? because of this poll manipulation crap -- >> this poll stuff is the -- the
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criticism of the polls is craziness. they are telling a story, and the story at this point is that romney is losing. >> jennifer: fox new's own poll agrees that the president is ahead. it found that the president was up by five points and that's roughly the same as what those other totally biased polls found, those polls from the socialist mouthpiece bloomberg news. but just watch fox and friends try to squirm out of that up with. >> the problem is they are skewed. >> our signs isn't skewed -- >> though polls -- the -- they
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are overpolling democrats. >> jennifer: okay. their signs is not skewed. it's not wrong, it's just not right-winging us for republicans. it seems that even republicans alternate reality bites. now let us try to separate the fantasy, reality, and the conspiracies of the right-wing with democratic strategist and syndicated columnist karl frisch. karl is joining us from washington, d.c. great to have you back inside "the war room." >> good evening, governor. >> jennifer: do you think they are just grasping at straws with this? in other words they have nothing, so they are going to create their own reality. >> any movement that would take their marching orders from a guy who runs a website called unscrewed troll, is taking the wrong direction here. but this is not a party or
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movement that is firmly grounded in reality. when the polls first started shifting what did they do? they started ignoring all of the things, and the results in the states started to trickle up to the national polls. and when there is a president leading by an margin outside of the margin of error, the republicans had to do with something. so that's when the guy from unscrewed troll dot-com, really started to mess with the numbers. and now it's obvious what it has become -- i wonder what his rationale is why for fox news shows such a similar number -- >> jennifer: exactly. they are putting fox in a bit of a box, aren't they.
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>> this is nothing new. at fox news and the "wall street journal," they push conspiracy theories about climate change. and the idea that they would have a disconnect is not surprising especially when you consider that most right-wingers have been pushing the buttons on their electorate chemical late fors trying to come up with a number where romney wins. >> jennifer: hey, just quickly karl, let me ask you, do you think -- what is the benefit to romney's campaign if you can tell people -- what quickly is the benefit to romney's campaign to make it look like it is closer than it is.
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>> they don't want people to stay home. they need them to vote. if people stay home the entire party is cruising for a bruising. >> jennifer: exactly. karl don't go anywhere we'll have you right back. and did you know that sales of halloween masks is a good forecast of who is going to win the election? and do you remember sarah silverman's great schlep video, the makers of that video are out with this video. >> grandma, grandpa, can we talk? >>
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(vo)answer: pour disaronno into a flute glass and top with prosecco. brought to you by disaronno. be originale.
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♪ >> jennifer: on the campaign front, i don't know about you, but i am totally loving the news today. no matter how hard the right-wing tries to hide it polls across the board are showing how unpopular mitt romney is. there is this new survey from bloomberg news which fines the most unpopular living u.s. president, that would be president george w. bush has a higher rating than gop candidate mitt romney. 46 to 43%.
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president bush is also more popular than the entire current republican party. are you shocked? actually i'm not. if the romney campaign were smart, they should realize they should stop drinking from the gop spiked kool-aid and start fighting for u.s. citizens. back with us is democratic strategist and syndicated columnist karl frisch. he is in washington, d.c., and joining us here is cheryl contee, founder of the jack and jill politics blog. so glad to have you inside "the war room." >> thank for having me. >> jennifer: let's talk about mitt romney being less popular than george -- george w. bush?
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>> i think the numbers are still relatively close, obama shouldn't celebrate too much because he is only at 50% favorability. that said i think it's important to look at the trend. the question is will the trend hold? >> jennifer: right. karl an article that was in "politico" today actually lays the blame of mitt romney's flailing candidacy solely at mitt romney's feet. do you agree with that? >> in part. if mitt romney's, you know message that's getting out there -- i think his big mistake was thinking he could push this extremely conservative agenda and get elected president. but he is only reflects the modern republican party that is
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controlled by the tea party at the moment. and that's one of the reasons he is having such troubles this time around. >> jennifer: yeah i think the effort to blame mitt romney for this is part of the scapegoating beginning right now. the republican party is to blame for the ridiculous positions that the mitt romney platform and the republican party platform holds. now let me ask you, cheryl because we're seeing some excitement in iowa with this early voting. we know that ohio will start early voting next week. that enthusiasm is boding well for democrats. however, we also know in ohio there has been an effort to disenfranchise people. how is this going to balance out? >> 17 states including ohio have
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passed restrictive voting laws. in ohio what you saw were early voting hours being reduced in democratic counties and expanded in republican counties. >> jennifer: will that cause people to not stand in line? >> i think it is going to backfire exactly. i think in 2004 what happened is that black voters stood in long lines in order to vote. in 2008 they used early voting in order to make sure their were aim to get their voting in hence the restrictions. now i think as people hear about the restrictions i think that will get people fired up. >> jennifer: i think the backfiring issue is going to play powerfully. hey, karl we have been talking about these polls and the enthusiasm. there is an interesting poll
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that came out from 7-eleven. customers can get their coffee in a blue cup or red cup. for the past three presidential elections they have predicted the winner. and today president obama is ahead by 16 points. should we trust 7-eleven karl? >> pardon me i'm parched governor. excuse me. [ laughter ] >> if you have tried the romney coffee, it tastes bitter it tastes stale, and it has so much creamer in it that it is almost entirely white. first of all they like tea better anyways. if i was rush limbaugh right now, and i was looking for the
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conspiracy theory de jour to start painting remember when mitt romney said i don't want one of these kookies they are from 7-eleven or something. but we have a lot of work to do. >> jennifer: all right. cheryl. >> spirit halloween is selling both obama and romney masks, and they report the number of people buying obama masks this cycle is even greater than in 2008. >> jennifer: who knows. it may even be a bigger turnout. the first presidential debate is
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wednesday, and it is prompting both campaigns to say very nice things to each other. and we'll tell you about the layest republican dirty tricks in florida. it's friday night in "the war room." we're just getting (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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since you have debated mitt romney, what advice would you give to barack obama? >> call bill clinton every morning. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: that's newt gingrich offering president obama some unsolicited advice. meanwhile the obama and romney campaigns are managing expectations. even the most ardent democrat would admit that president obama isn't the best debater. but according to beth myers . . . >> jennifer: and then president obama's top political advisor is just as glowing about mitt
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romney . . . they are so funny, my opponent he is abe lincoln and daniel webster all rolled into one. isn't that kind of weird hearing the campaign say such nice things about their opponents? believe me it's not going to last and it's all part of managing expectations before the debate. for more i'm joined by one of the country's foremost experts on the subject. samuel popkin who is a professor of political science at the university of san diego. he has worked on campaigns going back to the 1970s, and he is also the author of "the candidate." welcome back inside "the war room," profez or.
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>> it's a pleasure to be back with you governor. >> jennifer: all right. do you think this has been taken to a new level this year? >> i think it has been taken to a new level every year and gets more mindless meaningless and irrelevant every year. >> jennifer: i love that. because? because? is it going to matter? >> no, nobody cares what you thought going in. if you think your team is going to lose and they lose is that better than if you think they are going to win and they lose. [ laughter ] >> what counts is what happens in the debate not what you tell people. this is like a high school pep rally. >> jennifer: all right. i want to talk a little bit about prep because you had some very interesting experiences. you played ronald reagan for jimmy carter ahead of the 1980
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debates, and in your book you write this about what hand to president carter . . . what the heck went on? >> you know, when you are president, nobody looks you straight in the face and questions your motives, your character, or suggests you are putting the blame on everybody else. you say those things to the president. it's a little bit like hans christian anderson's new clothes. because i am trying to get him ready to beat reagan and i didn't know who i was. >> jennifer: all right. you go into the debate preps, and people are telling you all
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of these terrible things. it's being told to you in a debate style with a bunch of people there. it's extremely unpleasant. >> you may hear something from a reporter, or something shouted out at the rally, but when somebody confronts you -- when putin or netenyahu get together they don't talk to each other like that. it is very careful and calibrated. so this is the first time somebody is in your face like on a football field. >> jennifer: now let me jump to the actual debates. i made a prediction that president obama is going to lose the first debate to governor romney at least in the media's
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view. do you agree? >> i think that's the single debate he could lose and i think you are on the money, because until they are in there, it is often the case that the incumbent just hasn't gotten out of that bubble and gotten down off of the pedestal and faced that they have to fight for the job again. >> jennifer: i think five out of the six challengers in the last presidential debates were declared as the winner of the first debate because it's easier to knock the incumbent off because of that. if you had the opportunity to give him one piece of advise what would it be? >> don't ever treat this like it's two gladiators. if you go in there to defeat romney you loose.
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if you go in there to show that your policies are better than his policies, you win. it's not about being better smarter, quicker than romney. it's about policies that are better for the audience than romney's. you can almost like romney hate his policies and you are better off if you go in there because you have contempt for him. >> jennifer: i think that's a perfect piece of advice. thank you for coming in here and giving us that advice. coming up next in "the war room," we'll introduce you to a government operative who gives new meaning to the word "devious." and here he is samuel l jackson
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the get out the vote (vo) cenk uygur is many things. >>oh really? >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the golden years as the conservatives call them, we had the highest tax rates, and the highest amount of growth, and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts. >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
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are they contagious? i don't think so. [ male announcer ] contract the rainbow! taste the rainbow!
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♪ >> jennifer: this week a video surfaced on the internet showing a woman in colorado doing voter registration, but certain voters. >> and who are you registering? all voters? >> i'm actually trying to
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register people for particular parties, because we're out here in support of romney actually. >> and who is paying you for this? >> we're working for the -- county clerk's office. >> okay. you cannot come down here and register one party, lady. >> jennifer: said a denver tv station confirmed that she was working for a man named nathan sproul. he has been working on campaigns for years. and what does the campaign work include? apparently it includes registering voters in a way that specifically benefits the candidates who hired him, the candidates. in 2004 nevada state election officials looked into
9:35 pm
allegations that sproul . . . democrats who had registered through sproul's group, later told the reno gazette journal their names were not on the rolls when they went to vote. that same year democratseptors leahy, and kennedy sent a letter asking for an immediate investigation against sproul. and nothing happened. and now nathan sproul is back. according to the l.a. times, the republican national committee paid sproul's company, recommendster vote fors in colorado nevada north carolina, and virginia this
9:36 pm
year. and the romney campaign paid sproul an additional $70,000 for five month's of work but he is being investigated again. florida election officials aledge that sproul's company submitted over 100 fraudulent registrations this year. they dismissed the incident of this fraud as the case of quote, one bad apple in an organization. this from the party that has otherwise by screaming about voter fraud all year. when it comes to voter fraud me thinks the republican party protest too much. joining me now lee fang, who has been writing about the issue for "the nation" magazine. great to have you back inside
9:37 pm
"the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> nathan sproul as you mentioned worked for republicans for years, and there were allegations back in 2004. this came up in oregon minnesota, west virginia pennsylvania, and there are many other types of hijinks that have been associated with his firm. so the republicans wanted to hire him, just didn't want to be connected with his name. the l.a. times reported today that sproul was actually asked by the rnc to set up a shell
9:38 pm
corporation. >> jennifer: they asked him to set up the shell company in a different way. and he hired that young woman who was apparently instructed that she was to say she was hired by the county clerk's office. >> yes, and they are giving people cigarettes in exchange for registering as a republican. and these are the exact same tactics his firm was accused of in 2004 and 2006. >> jennifer: okay. mccain still hired anymore 2008. >> actually the same thing keeps playing out. in 2008 sproul changed his name to lincoln and
9:39 pm
mccain hired him using a california affiliate. >> jennifer: here is what kills me about this, lee, is the rnc cuts their ties with him. they sown shocked that this would happen. calling it a few bad apples, and yet they have this history with him. >> it reveals the conceit by the republican party who have been hammering voter fraud. these tactics that have been accused against acorn. but here they have a firm they have been paying millions of dollars. they know it is a problem, because they asked him to change his worry
9:40 pm
because this fraud occurred inside the republican party, that they will use it to justify their voter integrity scheme across the coup try. they'll cut their ties they hey, but because it's so rampant we'll continue to press on with these voter id laws. >> i think they probably will try some type of tactic like that. but there's a substantive difference between turning in a phony registration form. if he is destroying registration forms, that is a serious -- >> jennifer: and will there be an investigation? >> i think it's too early to tell florida is looking into the accusation. >> jennifer: can't be it linked romney
9:41 pm
campaign since he made $70,000 for this guy's services just last year? >> certainly. >> jennifer: yes. the bottom line is certainly. this is unbelievable that they would continue to go back to the well on this. lee thank you for your great reporting on this. >> thank for having >> jennifer: lee fang, who has been writing about the issue for "the nation" magazine. all right. you have to commence that comedian (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> you're going to hear that used as a major talking point. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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failure to vote can make or break an election. if you don't think that's true why do you think a little man [ censor bleep ] florida? >> jennifer: who can for get that video? well sarah silverman and her pals are at it again, in 2012 and they have enlisted the help of some very high profile friends. take a look. >> millionaires just declared war, on schools, the
9:46 pm
environment, unions fair pay, we're all on our own if mitt romney is elected. i strongly suggest that you wake the [ censor bleep ] up. >> jennifer: so now let's get to one of the brains behind the great shlep and wake the bleep up. thank you for being here? >> thank you for having me. >> how did you get involved in this project? >> i had been active like many young people in 2008. i canvassed for obama, phone banked -- >> jennifer: where? >> at the university of michigan, go blue. >> jennifer: go blue.
9:47 pm
carry on. >> yeah. and in 2008 when obama won, i think a lot of people felt that change had already been won, when it was really just the beginning. and 2010 we kind of got complaisant, including myself and i want to get back involved. >> sheldon, i have a proposal for you, and i'm serious. look at me. if you give that $100 million to obama instead of romney i will -- well i won't have sex with you, because we're not married and i'm a nice girl but i will scissor you. [ laughter ]
9:48 pm
>> jennifer: has sheldon adelson responded? >> well, i'm not privy -- i'm not exactly privy to what happened behind closed doors, but i do know that sheldon adelson saw the video, and he is still contributing $100 million to romney which is not good. >> jennifer: do you have any evidence that the great shlep and these videos this year are going to have an effect of getting young people to the polls. >> we do know in 2008 the first video got 20 million views, and hundreds of people actually went down to florida and talked to their grandmas and grandpas to get them to vote for obama as it
9:49 pm
has been proven to help turn florida blue. the video that came out yesterday already has 2 million views. >> jennifer: that's fabulous. >> yeah it felt like we broke the internet for about five opinions. >> jennifer: what is going on there? why is this the best way to get the attention of millennial voters? >> okay. well i would say first i think the comedic videos they allow people to kind of have a point of entry that maybe they wouldn't necessarily have for some wonkier ideas. i think millennials are more aware of the obstacles that
9:50 pm
truly stan in our way. hope and change is back but it's more mature. >> jennifer: there is a poll out today from pew which says that youth engagement is falling, and registration is declining for young voters under the age of 30. that they are 50% less likely essentially to be following the campaign closely, so hopefully what you are doing is going to increase that number. you have more videos coming out between now and election day, and i know their contents are a very closely guarded secret. but can you give us a little bit of dirt? >> part of the appeal to these videos is they are secret and part of why they are so successful it takes news so we'll keep a few guarded secrets, but you'll like what we
9:51 pm
do. and they will be funny and insightful, and there might even be a little poetry in there too. >> jennifer: are there a few more between now and the election election. >> there's a handful, but we're still developing a lot of ideas, and actually the model this election is we're trying to [ inaudible ] as many as possible, and i would encourage people to go to our facebook page. >> jennifer: that's great. and we will have a link as well. i appreciate you coming inside "the war room" chad for the work that you are doing. later unroll the red carpet as brett ehrlich honors the best and the worst of the week that
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was. >> coming
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